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Land Management

The Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority spends a great deal of time and effort managing its conservation lands. The type of management varies considerably between the different lands and depends on factors that include:

  • The sensitivity and significance of the natural features on the property
  • The type of vegetation communities and habitats within the property
  • The level and type of public uses that occur within the property
  • The rarity of flora and fauna that occur within the property
  • The degree to which resource management is required
Land Management
Forest Photo: CLOCA

From the visitor’s perspective, it is often difficult to see that these conservation lands are being actively managed. This is because management activities take many shapes and forms within the conservation lands. The following are examples of management activities that are ongoing within the conservation lands:

  • Protection/Enforcement ?in order to protect these sensitive and significant natural areas, staff ensure that visitors respect the applicable rules and regulations. Conservation Areas are patrolled and regulations enforced (R.S.O. 1990 Regulation 101; Section 29 Conservation Authorities Act). Please report illegal activities within our Conservation Areas by contacting the Authority or by submitting the Conservation Area Protection Program form.

  • Monitoring/Inventory ?staff regularly collect biological information on both flora and fauna in order to understand what needs to be protected and to help guide future management activities

  • Development/Maintenance ?trails and other facilities are continually being improved in order to properly protect the natural area from unnecessary disturbance and to ensure that public safety and enjoyment continues. If you notice an area where maintenance is required, please call the CLOCA office at (905) 579-0411 or email at mail@cloca.com.

  • Resource Management ?in some conservation lands a “hands-off?approach is taken where healthy ecosystems are present, while active resource management (e.g. tree planting or timber management) can accelerate the restoration time in areas where human disturbances have altered natural ecological processes
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