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Spring 2005 Outdoor Education Programs

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CONTENTS (Click on a link below to see the program description.)

PLEASE NOTE: the below programs may be designed for all grade levels. The posted grade levels are suggestions only to meet Ontario curriculum learning expectations.


Program fees are $3 half day per student, $6 full day per student except Above & Beyond (full day only, $8 per person, $100 minimum).

Widow Dragonfly Photo: CLOCA
Spring 2005 Outdoor Education Program Guide

Discover Spring : Grades JK - 3

Orienteering: Grades 4 - 8
Lost Together: Grades 4 - 8

Above and Beyond Experiential Learning: Grades 7 - 12

Pond Study: Grades JK - 2
Bird Program: Grades K - 3
Stream Study: Grades 4 - 6
Survival Game: Grades 4 - 8
Nature Hike with Project Wild: Grades 4 - 8 
For the Love of Insects: Grades 2 - 4
Down to the Roots: Grade 3
Plants Around Us: Grades 3 - 4
Diggin?up the Dirt on Soil: Grades 3 - 4

Discover Spring
Grades JK-3
Enniskillen, Heber Down, Lynde Shores
mid Apr to mid Jun

Spring is a time of new beginnings. Start off your spring by experiencing the changes that are occurring in our Conservation Areas. By participating in a hike, students will gain an increased awareness of the change of season. Students will discover how people, plants and animals "awaken."

Relevant to Science and Technology, Exploration and Experimentation (K) Seasonal Changes (gr. 1)
Growth and Changes in Animals (gr. 2)
Growth and Changes in Plants (gr. 3)       contents

Pond Study
Grades JK-2
Heber Down (Apr - Jun)
Enniskillen (Apr - Jun)

With dip nets, students explore life in the pond. Students will discover the needs and habitat of pond creatures. They will discover that everything in nature is connected and that the health of our watershed effects all living things.

Relevant to Science and Technology (K,1,2)       contents

Bird Program
Grades K-3
Lynde Shores (Apr - Jun)

Students will identify common birds noting size, shape, sound, colour and surrounding in three different areas. Bird watching, feeding, migration and nest building will be discussed.

Binoculars available.
Limited to 35 students at Lynde Shores.

Relevant to Science and Technology
Exploration and Experimentation (K)
Characteristics of Living Things (gr. 1)       contents

Stream Study
Grades 4-6
Heber Down
May - Jun

Students will work in groups to study the importance of water. Students will discuss erosion, measure stream speed, depth and width and collect creatures in the stream. Students will be required to explore in the stream.

Boots or water shoes required.

Relevant to Science and Technology
Habitats and Communities (gr. 4)
Diversity of Living Things (gr. 6)       contents

Survival Game
Grades 4-8
May - Jun

The watershed system is home to many different animals and plays an integral part of the food chain. Students will take on the role of predator or prey in this simulation game of survival.

Old clothes and shoes recommended.

Relevant to Science and Technology
Habitats and Communities (gr. 4)
Interactions within Ecosystems (gr. 7)       contents

Nature Hike with Project Wild
Grades 4-8
Enniskillen Year Round
Heber Down (Apr - Jun)

Students will be taken on a nature hike to discuss plants, animals, habitats and food chains. The hike will be reinforced with games from Project Wild.

Relevant to Science and Technology
Habitats and Communities (gr. 4)
Diversity of Living Things (gr. 6)       contents

For the Love of Insects
Grades 2-4
Enniskillen, Heber Down
May - Jun

From mosquitoes to butterflies, students will learn the important role these creatures play in our environment. Students will study the forest, field and pond/stream to discover insects and their relatives.

Relevant to Science and Technology
Growth and Changes in Animals (gr. 2)
Habitats and Communities (gr. 4)       contents

Down to the Roots
Grade 3
Heber Down, Enniskillen
mid Apr - Jun

Students will gain skills required for tree identification. Students will learn the difference between coniferous and deciduous trees as well as identify some common trees. During the hike students will gain respect for and understand the effects trees have on their lives and the environment.

Relevant to Science and Technology
Growth and Changes in Plants (gr. 3)       contents

Plants Around Us
Grade 3-4
Heber Down, Enniskillen
Apr - Jun

Students will learn how plants grow from seed to maturity. They will investigate a variety of local plants depending on the season. They will learn the importance of the plants around us.

Program can be split to do 1 hour trees and 1 hour plants to cover both woody and non-woody plants.

Relevant to Science and Technology
Growth and Changes in Plants (gr. 3)       contents

Diggin' Up the Dirt on Soil
Grade 3-4
Apr - Jun

Through discussion, experiments and a video students will learn about types of soils, life within soils, its importance to plants, animals and people, as well as the effects and types of erosion.

Relevant to Science and Technology
Earth and Space (gr. 3-4)       contents

Grades 4-8
Heber Down (Apr - Jun)
Enniskillen Year Round

Using a compass and a map students will find their way through a designated course.

Relevant to various Geography, Health and Physical Education Requirements       contents

Lost Together
Grades 4-8
Year Round

This program introduces students to basic survival techniques. Topics include: fire building, edible plants and how to prepare for a day trip. Students will also try their hand at shelter building.

Relevant to Health and Physical Education       contents

Above and Beyond Experiential Learning
Grades 6 -12
Long Sault Conservation Area
Year Round

The Above and Beyond Experiential Learning Program is a low ropes course and initiative program designed to help groups enhance team building skills, group decision making challenge by choice and leadership skills.

Group Experiences:
These are a few of the topics covered: leadership, trust, cooperation, group decision making, change, learning from the experiences of others, balancing action with planning and fun.

Fee: $8.00/student, $100 minimum. Full day only.

Relevant to Guidance and Career Education, Social Science and Humanities, Health and Physical Education.       contents

Booking Your Outdoor Education Program

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If you enjoy getting your class outside to experience nature hands on, then this is for you! Find one or more programs that interest you and give us a call. You can also fill out the online form or download the print version for fax.

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