As in past years, visitors will be able to enjoy a walk through the woods to the Sugar Shack where we produce our gold label maple syrup.   See how maple syrup was made over 400 years ago to modern production methods and visit the Pioneer Cabin by the Sugar Shack. Visit the About page for more details.

Festival Map

Below are some more details of extra attractions.
Warming Refreshment Station (by Sugar Shack)
Horse-Drawn Wagon Rides
Heritage Store
Aunt Penny's Cabin
- Hosted by Oshawa Community Museum
Stilt Walking For Kids
Maple Taffy Fun

(Please read details) - Available upon request for seniors and the physically challenged.

Mmm, Pancakes ...
(inside Heritage Hall)









A visit to the Festival would not be complete without enjoying a stack of hot delicious pancakes covered in 100% pure maple syrup. Pancakes will be served daily from 9:30am – 2:30pm with the proceeds going to not-for-profit community organizations. Cost for the pancakes is not included with admission fee. (The public is asked to help reduce garbage by bringing their own reusable plates and utensils. Paper plates and recyclable utensils will be available.)

A General Admission ticket is not required to purchase pancake meals or maple syrup products at Heritage Hall.

Gluten free pancakes and diabetic syrup are available upon request (mix contains eggs and milk).

Pancake tickets may be purchased by the kitchen at Purple Woods
(Visa, Mastercard, Cash, Debit)
Large Serving (3 pancakes + beverage): $5.00
Small Serving (2 pancakes + bever age): $4.00
Beverage (coffee, hot chocolate, cold/hot apple cider): $1.00

Pancake Ingredients (pic):
Pancakes are cooked using lard and Aunt Jemima Deluxe add water only pancake batter mix that contains wheat & milk ingredients.
Gluten Free pancakes are available upon request (contains eggs and milk).

Warming Refreshment Station (by Sugar Shack)hot choocolate

Enjoy a small hot beverage down by the Sugar Shack to take off the winter chill. Small 4oz cups are great for little hands. There is no charge for the beverage but a donation box will be available with proceeds going back to the Festival.


Horse-Drawn Wagon Rides (By Sugar Shack)

For a small fee, you and your family can hop onto the draft horse-drawn wagon ride and travel back in time through the Purple Woods Sugar Bush.
 Adults and Children $2 each (Cash Only)
Please purchase ride tickets from the wagon operator by the Sugar Shack.








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Heritage Store (Inside Heritage Hall)









Do you have a sweet tooth?  The Heritage Store will be open 9:30am to 3:00pm during the Festival and education days for visitors to purchase maple syrup and maple products. To help the environment, visitors are asked to please bring their own bags to carry their purchases. For product pricing and store hours check out our store page.

A General Admission ticket is not required to purchase pancake meals or maple syrup products at Heritage Hall.

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Aunt Penny's Cabin (By Sugar Shack)










At the bottom of the trail to your right, you will find a replica pioneer log cabin, complete with artifacts from days gone by and maple sap boiling in our large cast iron pot. Interpreters will tell you how sap was collected from sugar maple trees using buckets and taps. Pioneers depended on maple syrup as a locally available sweetener and a chance for rural families to escape the confines of their winter cabin. Aunt Penny along with volunteers from the Oshawa Community Museum will be hosting this display.

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Taffy Shack
Maple Taffy Fun
(By Sugar Shack)


Join us down by the Sugar Shack as we make some maple taffy in the pioneer tradition using maple syrup and ice.



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Stilt Walking For Kids (Picnic Shelter by the Sugar Shack)

There is no app for this!
Enjoy some old time fun of trying to walk on stilts. Staff have many pairs for visitors to try!
Stilts were constructed by the students at Courtice Secondary School.
You may not get too far on stilts but you will have lots of fun trying!


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During the festival, transportation will be available upon request for seniors and the physically challenged to access activities at the top and bottom of the hill.   Please inform Authority staff if you require this service upon admission or at the Sugar Shack.

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